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Church Steeple Catalog

Built Strong

Each Fiberglass Specialties church steeple is constructed using tubular steel to insure our church steeples have the maximum strength and durability. Each unit is engineered to withstand wind loads up to 120 mph and only Fiberglass Specialties has had their engineering reviewed and certified by an independent third party engineering firm. Engineering seals for all fifty states are available for a slight additional charge. Engineering for 125 - 170 mph with site specific & state seal also available at additional cost.

Savings to You

Fiberglass Specialties church steeples are made with specially formulated gel coats for exterior applications. Our low styrene extra hard gel coats maintain their color and resist hailstones. The gel coats we use are an integral part of the laminate so it won't crack and peel off like painted surfaces. Our "Armor Flex" gel coats are extremely resistant to the sun's damaging ultra-violet rays. All of this together means decreased maintenance cost to you over the life of the steeple.

Easy Installation

Each Fiberglass Specialties church steeple is "pre-fit" using our own 40' mounted crane to insure proper fit and alignment before leaving our facilities. The simple bolt together steel structure and our pre-assembly helps minimize costly delays during installation.

Large Product Selection

Fiberglass Specialties has one of the largest standard product steeple lines on the market. Our wide variety of architectural styles means that we have something for everyone. We are also able to modify many standard steeple units to more closely meet your needs. If one our standard or modified steeple units still isn't what you need, then we have one of the only custom departments that can design and build a church steeple to your exact specifications.

What size steeple do we need for our building?

A good rule of thumb is for the steeple to be the same height as your building at the point where the steeple will be set, and for the base width to be 1/10th the width of your building.

What accessories are available to personalize our steeple/cupola?

Fiberglass Specialties steeples and cupolas can be personalized to fit your needs with a variety of standard options, including lightning package, spire crosses, louvers, windows and applied moldings. Decorative railings and urns are also available to complete your steeple installation.

What if we don't see what we want here?

Call us! In addition to our standard line, we specialize in custom fabrication. Fiberglass can be used in a surprising number of architectural applications. Let Fiberglass Specialties' custom design team assist you in exploring the possibilities for you next project, and experience the advantages of fiberglass. You can view some of Fiberglass Specialties prior custom works in the Custom Projects section.

What about installation details and specifications?

Fiberglass Specialties steeples and cupolas are simple and easy to install for anyone with basic construction experience. Components simply stack and bolt together (they're pre-fit at the factory to assure ease of installation).

What is a roof pitch and how do I determine mine?

The roof pitch is the slope of your roof. You can determine yours with a level and tape measure. Click Here for more info.

Can we screw an eye bolt into the top of the spire to lift it up onto the church?

The top of the spire is threaded and reinforced to hold a cross or lightning package, but it is not designed to support the entire weight of the spire. Click here to see a picture of one possible way of lifting the spire.

Can we paint the unit when it arrives?

Typically, there is no need to paint a Fiberglass Specialties steeple. For an additional charge, we can produce your steeple in a custom color of your choice. Since our gel-coat finishes are permanently molded into the surface of the fiberglass laminate, we recommend that any special colors be ordered when ordering the steeple, rather than attempting to change the color after you've received it. After the steeple has been up for a few years, the constant exposure to the sun's ultraviolet rays may dull the finish, or cause the color to fade or change. Polishing the surface with automotive compound followed by paste wax can bring back the shine and luster. If a new color is desired, the steeple can be painted in much the same way a fiberglass car body would be painted, by lightly sanding the finish and applying paint with a professional quality spray gun.