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Savings to You

Fiberglass Unlimited church steeples are made with specially formulated gel coats for exterior applications. Our low styrene extra hard gel coats maintain their color and resist hailstones. The gel coats we use are an integral part of the laminate so it won't crack and peel off like painted surfaces. Our gel coats are extremely resistant to the sun's damaging ultra-violet rays. All of this together means decreased maintenance cost to you over the life of the steeple.

Easy Installation

Each Fiberglass Unlimited church steeple is "pre-fit" to insure proper fit and alignment before leaving our facilities.

Large Product Selection

Fiberglass Unlimited has the largest standard product steeple lines on the market. Our wide variety of architectural styles means that we have something for everyone. We are also able to modify many standard steeple units to more closely meet your needs.

What size steeple do we need for our building?

A good rule of thumb is for the steeple to be the same height as your building at the point where the steeple will be set, and for the base width to be 1/10th the width of your building.

What accessories are available to personalize our steeple/cupola?

Fiberglass Unlimited steeples and cupolas can be personalized to fit your needs with a variety of standard options, including lightning package, spire crosses, louvers, windows and applied moldings

What about installation details and specifications?

Fiberglass Unlimited steeples and cupolas are simple and easy to install for anyone with basic construction experience. Components simply stack and bolt together (they're pre-fit at the factory to assure ease of installation).

What is a roof pitch and how do I determine mine?

The roof pitch is the slope of your roof. You can determine yours with a level and tape measure. Click Here for more info.