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Fiberglass Specialties specializes in custom fabrications. Send us your design concept and we will provide design assistance as well as fabrication. Below are some of our past fabrications to give you an idea of what we can do. All the projects below were used to enclose and/or conceal cell towers. This is only a small representation of the numerous projects Fiberglass Specialties has done specifically for companies like Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint/Nextel.

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Hayes-Barton United Methodist Church

Raleigh, NC

The height and location of this church spire made it an excellent place to disguise cellular antennae. The original steeple was made of metal, so Fiberglass Specialties was hired to re-create the top portion using RF transparent composite materials. The result is a beautiful, functional spire, and a win-win situation. Local Representative: CFBS, Inc. Anderson, SC

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Wildwood Christian Church

Wildwood, MO

Gateway Christian Church

Town and Country, MO

These churches partnered with a major PCS service provider to allow antennae to be hidden inside their steeples. Fiberglass Specialties fabricated the specially designed steeples, using all composite materials in place of the usual steel internal structure. When local ordinances restrict the placement of antenna towers, Fiberglass Specialties provides solutions. Contractor: Heinz-Fischer, Inc., St. Louis, MO

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Highland United Methodist Church

Raleigh, NC

When a major cellular carrier needed a tower camouflaged, this church steeple provided the perfect solution. Fiberglass Specialties was chosen to custom fabricate a new steeple to replace the existing metal one. Working closely with the client's architects and engineers, FSI recreated the look of the old spire while enlarging it to accept the antennae. The structural core of the steeple is triangular in shape for direct mounting of the antennae, and the outer shell is of FRP and other composite materials which do not interfere with the RF signal. The result is a win-win situation for the cellular carrier, the church, and the community. Local Representative: CFBS, Inc. Anderson, SC

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United Methodist Church

Ipswich, MA

The old Methodist Church Building in historic Ipswich had been without its steeple for many years. When a major cellular services carrier needed a site to hide a new antenna, suddenly the church had funding for a new steeple. Fiberglass Specialties worked with the architect and the local contractor to design and fabricate this massive structure, which is capable of housing antennae for multiple cellular carriers. Eighteen feet wide at the base and over sixty feet tall, the steeple was built at Fiberglass Specialties' plant in Texas, then shipped in sections to Massachusetts, where it was reassembled and erected by the contractor. Although it is supported by a large steel structure, the steeple was carefully designed so that the steel would not interfere with the transmission of the cellular signal. The entire outer skin is of fiberglass or other RF transparent materials. Careful attention to architectural details resulted in an accurate replica of the historic original steeple.

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Ladue Fire Station

St. Louis, MO

A major PCS service provider contracted with the city of Ladue, Missouri to put PCS antennae inside the cupola atop the Ladue fire station. The original cupola was removed and the tower was modified to accept a larger, fiberglass structure. Fiberglass Specialties designed and fabricated the new cupola to meet the aesthetic needs of the city, and the technical needs of the PCS carrier.

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Mt. Olive Lutheran Church

Overland Park, KS

The bell tower in the parking lot is more than a bell tower; it houses a large cellular antenna rack. The fiberglass crosses were fabricated by Fiberglass Specialties. This creative design is just one of many ways architectural fiberglass can be used to blend technology into the environment.

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Seminole County Sheriffs' Office

Sanford, FL

The new building for the Sheriff's and Department of Public Safety Offices is not only unique architecturally, but functional as well. Hidden behind the decorative panels on the brick tower are several cellular and PCS antennae. Fiberglass Specialties fabricated the panels, which are designed to meet stringent Florida wind load requirements, with all composite reinforcement to prevent RF interference.

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Sharon Road Baptist Church

Charlotte, NC

This unique "Bell Tower" is actually a disguised cellular tower. Using composite materials so as not to interfere with antenna transmission. Fiberglass Specialties fabricated the cupola, as well as the decorative moldings on the tower structure. Details such as the simulated slate shingle roof, which is actually molded fiberglass, make the cupola beautiful as well as functional. Local Representative: CFBS, Inc. Anderson, SC

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Staten Island Lighthouse

Staten Island, NY

The community surrounding this key cellular tower objected to the visual impact on their neighbor hood. Working with community representatives and the tower owner, Fiberglass Specialties, Inc was able to recreate a lighthouse that had previously stood on the site of the cell tower. The new tower is made from FSI "Clear Air" materials that allow for almost uninterrupted passage of the cell signal while providing an exceptionally strong, maintenance free surround for the tower itself. On-site management systems for the cell tower are enclosed in the base of the lighthouse. Located 369' above sea level, the lighthouse is 130' tall with an average width of 25' tapering to 22' at the top.

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