Church Baptistries | Fiberglass Specialties

Having a baptistry as a permanent fixture of your church adds beauty, character, and convenience. The presence of one of our church baptistries makes the busy life of a minister a lot easier, wasting no time wondering where the next baptism will take place. Your church has the ability to perform baptisms at any time, regardless of the season.

Our baptistries are built using fiberglass replication molds which results in sturdy one-piece seamless products.  With safety in mind, all interior corners are rounded and all floors and steps are textured for slip resistance.

Economical Design

When Fiberglass Unlimited set out to design a safer baptistry we did not want to overly increase the size of the tanks which would have required the customer to have larger openings for installation and use more water for filling. In order to achieve our goal we designed each baptistry with steps that flow into the tank area. This allowed for the maximum use of available space without waste. The result conserves water and reduces costs associated with heating the water. It also provides an integrated child's step within the tank area.

Large Product Selection

Fiberglass Unlimited has one of the largest selections of baptistry pools on the mark. The variety of models is designed to meet any customer requirements. Our EZ line is designed for ministers that prefer to stay dry while performing the baptism. The "M" model allows for over fifty different configurations of the steps with both single and double entry. While the all new "LG" line provides a larger tank with anywhere from one to three steps and up to two viewing windows; making over one hundred different configurations. The most popular "T" line of baptistries come in small (S), medium (M), and large (L) variations. The freestanding portable unit is finished inside and out and is perfect for small and temporary applications. All baptistries (except the portable) can have an optional viewing window.