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What size steeple do we need for our building?

A good rule of thumb is for the steeple to be the same height as your building at the point where the steeple will be set, and for the base width to be 1/10th the width of your building.

What accessories are available to personalize our steeple/cupola?

Fiberglass Unlimited steeples and cupolas can be personalized to fit your needs with a variety of standard options, including lightning package, spire crosses, louvers, windows and applied moldings.

What about installation details and specifications?

Fiberglass Unlimited steeples and cupolas are simple and easy to install for anyone with basic construction experience. Components simply stack and bolt together (they're pre-fit at the factory to assure ease of installation).

What is a roof pitch and how do I determine mine?

The roof pitch is the slope of your roof. You can determine yours with a level and tape measure. Click Here for more info.

Can we screw an eye bolt into the top of the spire to lift it up onto the church?

The top of the spire is threaded and reinforced to hold a cross or lightning package, but it is not designed to support the entire weight of the spire. Click here to see a picture of one possible way of lifting the spire.


What colors are available for baptistries?

Baptistries come in four standard colors, blue, bone, aqua, or white. (blue and aqua are or most popular colors).

What accessories and options do we need for our baptistry?

There are three items that are generally necessary to complete a baptistry installation, a way to fill the baptistry, a way to drain the baptistry, and a way to heat the water. There are several accessories for filling and draining the baptistry ranging from simple manual fill and drain assemblies to fully automatic units. There are also different ways of heating your baptistry. Two other options available for baptistries are the window and AquaGuard finish.

Why are Fiberglass Unlimited's "Series 2000" Baptistries better than others?

For the first time in more than forty five years, baptistry design has taken a major step forward. The Series 2000 Baptistry Line brings many improvements over past designs, including:

  • Wider, Safer Step Design: Series 2000 is the first baptistry line in the industry with step treads and risers designed around national model building codes. The 11" treads and 7" risers allow for a safer, more comfortable entrance and exit from the water.
  • Improved Slip-Resistance: Series 2000 step treads incorporate a "raised circular disk" pattern widely used in commercial applications. This pattern provides a higher level of slip-resistance and offers easy cleaning.
  • Improved Efficiency: Relying on our 30+ years of experience making baptistries, we started from scratch to create designs that maximize useable space and minimize wasted space. This approach conserves water, and reduces energy costs associated with heating the water.

What about installation details and specifications?

Click here for more info.