Steeple Install
A. Spire Cross - Available in three sizes to fit your steeple.
B. Spire - The top piece of the unit is called the spire. Most spires have 4 or 8 sides.
C. Connector Bolts - All necessary bolts or rods needed to assemble the unit are provided.
D. Center Cupola - Cupolas are the "building blocks" of a steeple. Many cupolas offer options such as windows or louvers.
E. Base Cupola - The base cupola will be pre-cut to fit your roof pitch (some field trimming may be required). Bases can be customized with applied molding or panels.
F. Anchor bolts by others, for connection to your building.
Typical Anchoring Detail

Because every building is different, exact installation techniques will vary. The drawing below demonstrates one of the most commonly seen anchoring methods.

The installer should verify that the steeple or cupola is firmly bolted to structural members sufficient to withstand the wind load forces imposed by the steeple. Fiberglass Specialties can provide these loads to your building engineer or architect upon request.

To prevent shingle damage, the installer may wish to rest the fiberglass on a heavy gauge metal flashing. An alternate method would be to provide a mounting ring on which the anchor collar could rest, removing all weight from the roof decking itself.

stpanchor.jpg (23260 bytes)

Unloading Anchor Holes
Your steeple may be shipped on one of our factory trucks, or via motor carrier. When your new steeple arrives, you should plan to have adequate manpower to assist the driver in unloading. It is important that you check the steeple for freight damage at this point, and report any irregularities immediately. Your steeple will arrive with steel anchoring members at its base, with holes for anchor bolts pre-drilled. Because of the many different roof pitches and types, these holes are difficult to locate precisely in advance; therefore, we recommend that your installer not attempt to locate exact anchor points until the steeples is on site.
Assembly Waterproofing
Your new steeple will be delivered in sections (except for one-piece units). Bolts will be provided with which to assemble the various components. Your installer will need to provide the bolts that anchor the base unit to the roof. Our steeples and cupolas are typically designed to be mounted above the finished roof surface, not open to the building below. Although they are designed to be leak resistant, they are not insulated; therefore, condensation can occur inside the steeple. Openings such as vented louvers can also allow moisture to enter the unit. For these reasons, we recommend waterproofing any roof openings under the steeple, including sealing around all anchor bolt holes.