Fiberglass Duck Blinds
20' DomeDome

Our fiberglass duck blinds are made of long lasting fiberglass that does not rot or rust like metal blinds.  With our fiberglass chopping gun, and the use of a super high strength resin, our duck blinds will last many seasons of hunting without the worry of cracks or water leakage.  These blinds are designed to be buried in the ground or sunk in the marsh below water level. 

We offer two styles at this time, a single man "T" blind, and a 4-man tank ground blind.  We offer tons of accessories for the blinds such as, wooden floor inserts, bilge pumps, non-skid decking, shelf w/ gun notches, and LED lighting.  Both of these models come in green color for easy concealment and to lower the chance of shadows inside the blind.


4 Man Pit Blind

It is designed to be sunk into the marsh or buried into the ground as deep as needed.  Full waterproof fiberglass design allows for piece of mind when in the marsh.  With enough room for 4 hunters, this blind is great for guides and outfitters.  Optional fiberglass top is available to keep the water and critters out.  Options include: wooden shelf w/ gun notches, wooden floor to keep you feet dry, 12v bilge pump w/ discharge, 12v LED lighting, and our one of a kind dog platform. 

Dimensions: 104"L x 49"W x  38"D
Seat is 16"D


Single Man "T" Blind

The "T" blind is a single man blind that allows hunting in multiple directions from one position.  Lightweight for easy portability and enough room for one hunter and gear.  Enough room for a father/son combo.  Lids are available for this model as well. 

Dimensions:  65"L x 50"W x 37"D
Seat is 16" D
Weight: 70lbs.


For more information call Mitch @ 800-527-1459 extension 108