No religious facility is complete without a cross and that is why Fiberglass Specialties manufactures a wide variety of roof and wall mounted crosses.

Roof Mounted Crosses

Roof mounted crosses are an easy way to accessorize your church. They can be mounted on the main church building or on an adjacent facility such as Sunday School or Conference Center.

These roof mounted crosses are manufactured from high quality structural aluminum with a steel base plate. They are light weight and easy to install. Standard color is white, but custom colors are available at an additional charge.

The table below lists our standard 4" x 4" square tubing crosses, but other sizes and styles are available as shown in the images below the table.

Model Height Width Weight


BL - Ball (sized to cross)
LP - Lightning package
CD - Celtic designs
HP - Hip roof mount
CC - custom color

RM 36 36" 22" 65 lbs
RM 48 48" 30" 75 lbs.
RM 60 60" 36" 85 lbs.
RM 72 72" 41" 95 lbs.

Roof Mount Cross 1 Roof Mount Cross 3 Roof Mount Cross 4 Roof Mount Cross 5 Roof Mount Cross 6 Roof Mount Cross 7 Roof Mount Cross 8 Roof Mount Cross 9

Wall Crosses

These beautifully crafted crosses provide a focal point that will enhance virtually any place of worship. Designed for interior or exterior use, they are available with an optional backlighting system, creating a soft, warm glow that silhouettes the cross against the wall behind it.

The new LED backlighting system has an average rating of 100,000 hours or 34 years when run 8 hours a day. Full Info

Tapered Wall Crosses
Model Height Width Weight
TC-4 4' 2'-6" 30 lbs
TC-6 6' 4'-1" 40 lbs
TC-8 8' 5' 50 lbs
TC-10 10' 6'-4" 60 lbs
TC-12 12' 7'-6" 75 lbs
TC-18 18' 6'-10" 125 lbs
Square Wall Crosses
Model Height Width Weight
SC-4 4' 2'-6" 30 lbs
SC-6 6' 3'-5" 40 lbs
SC-8 8' 4' 50 lbs
SC-10 10' 5' 60 lbs
SC-12 12' 5'-10" 75 lbs

Wall Cross 1 Wall Cross 2 Wall Cross 3 Wall Cross 4 Wall Cross 5 Wall Cross 6 Color Chart